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The Hancox Barn

Five-star comfort for your horses and you

Your stable is your horses’ home. Nobody knows better than we how important it is to make the environment as inviting as it is secure, and make the building a joy to work within.

We’ve spoken to horse owners, riders, grooms and vets and, from their feedback, have dramatically raised the standard for American Barn stabling. From design to materials to quality of workmanship and ease of ownership the Hancox Barn is a truly superior product with no room for compromise.

Just imagine the most practical, well-thought out American barn, made from the highest-quality materials to the highest specifications, designed by artisans with extensive experience in their field – and you have the unrivalled Hancox Barn.

A healthy environment

When gales, sleet, snow or weeks of rain punish the winter countryside Hancox Barns offer a warm and cosy home for your horses and ponies. In the summer months our stabling provides a well-ventilated, cool interior to keep your animals content and comfortable.

Throughout the year your Hancox Barn provides a sheltered and dry working environment, outstanding for animals’ health, well-being and performance and for you to work in. Ventilation without draughts is a top priority within all our designs, making the barn’s light and bright spaces a pleasure to be in for horses and owners alike.

Adaptable, practical and well thought out

The layout of your barn is tailored precisely to your requirements, whatever the length or purpose. The design specification can include stables, tack and rug rooms, wash boxes, feed storage areas, cross tie areas to shower blocks and toilets – even a useful area for a farrier to work in all weathers.

Whether stabling a string of thoroughbreds or the children’s ponies, your design is bespoke; attention to detail and meticulous planning are exactly the same for projects large or small.

Quality barns, second to none

British-made, using durable timber and the most robust steelwork, Hancox Barns are heavy-duty buildings filled with high-quality stables. We prefer always to over-engineer our barns, for our, as well as your, peace of mind.

Unlike typical single-walled barns, each Hancox Barn has twin-skin wall construction. The twin-skin build provides additional insulation and creates a stronger, superior wall structure. Every wall panel includes a moisture barrier to counter internal condensation, providing ultimate equine wellbeing.

The high-spec features below spell value and durability for you as the owner, and luxurious comfort for your horses:
• Heavy-duty galvanised steel frame.
• Insulated steel roof available in a range of colours.
• Ventilated soffit to assist with air movement.
• Raised, ventilated roof ridge.
• Pressure-treated 75mm x 50mm timber framework; vertical bracing above 120cm at 600mm centres, and below at 300mm centres.
• Internal walls boarded with 19mm, high-impact, moisture-resistant composite board, screwed to the framework.
• Redwood-grade external cladding and half-lap boarding; finished to 15mm thickness; pressure-treated with brown preservative.

Superior infill options

Hancox Equestrian offers two high quality infill options – hardwood or plastic – for your stables and doors.
Through careful research, experience and working closely with our suppliers, our barns now feature beautiful African hardwood planking. Not only extremely dense and durable, it’s also very stable, making it ideal for the equine environment.
Or you can choose to infill your stables and doors with recycled plastic planking. This extremely strong planking is machined in an identical profile to the hardwood but, unlike the hardwood, it does not require any maintenance.

That little bit more

Working with Hancox is a personalised process. We like to work closely alongside you to make certain we get everything right, which includes providing welcome assistance with the planning process. We supply simple plan and elevation drawings as part of our quote and a full CAD drawing when it’s accepted. We’ll include anything and everything you ask for to create your ideal Hancox Barn.

We offer a full range of modular stable designs and do all work ourselves, from design to manufacture and installation. No contractors are employed; we use only our own, trusted and skilled craftsmen.

Let us start creating your Hancox Barn today

The superb American Barn stabling you’ve imagined is no more than a call or an email away. Don’t wait to get in touch and give your horses the best – the Hancox Barn. With prices that will pleasantly surprise you, the value and affordability are outstanding. Call us today to get the design process up and running.

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