Mobile Field Shelters

You want the best possible place for your horse, someplace where summer heat, annoying flies, bitter cold or any other of the extremities of the British winter cannot cause discomfort. Choose Hancox mobile field shelters and you’ll get exactly that. With unparalleled quality, performance and value for money our units stand out from all other manufacturers’ products. Thanks to a heavy-duty, hot-dipped galvanised steel base they can be towed easily around the field with the use of a tractor and/or 4×4, without affecting the integrity of the building.

This is constructed from Scandinavian redwood grade 70mm x 45mm, planed all round with rounded edges. All timbers in its make-up are pressure treated and structurally graded C14/C26. Horizontal timbers are fastened at 1220mm high to prevent obstacles from falling behind the kickboards.
NB: All vertical uprights are spaced at 600mm centres.

Height to eaves including steel skid is 2300mm.
Height to ridge including steel skid is 2900mm.

Lined up to 1220mm high on all four sides using 12mm thick hardwood exterior ply; 18mm thick ply available at extra cost.

Heavy Duty Sledge
100mm x 100mm SHS steel skids across the front and back of the building and 100mm x 50mm SHS steel end members, hot dipped galvanized and bolted together to provide a heavy-duty frame.
*Includes towing points at each end of unit.

All openings on single and double units are 1800mm wide.

Extra shelter from driving rain is, in our view, absolutely essential. Hence a three-foot canopy is fitted as standard on all units.

Roof Purlins
These comprise Scandinavian 95mm x 45mm C14/26 structural grade timbers, pressure-treated, set and screwed together into steel joist hangers.

Heavy-duty steel box-section-profiled sheeting with a plastisol leatherite finish, coupled with a steel ridge, provide a long-lasting roof.

Our 150mm x 22mm redwood grade timber bargeboards give a more finished look and are offered as standard on all units.

Anti-chew Strips
Galvanised corner strips on all four exterior corners and inside door openings are fitted as standard on all units.

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