The Hancox Accessories

Swivel Manger

A Hancox Equestrian Swivel Manger allows you to feed your horses with the minimum of fuss. The feed goes in, you swivel it round. Simple. Our mangers are also detachable, and can be cleaned while in situ using the removable bung.

Choose either our standard plastic feed bin, which is lightweight, hygienic and easy to keep clean, or our premium galvanized steel feed bin, a more expensive option that’s longer lasting.

Water Drinker

Hancox Equestrian offer two distinctive, heavy-duty galvanized water drinkers. The first has 3-litre capacity, is extremely durable and hugely popular. With its stainless steel float cover, this drinker is easy to clean and best used with a header tank. The size of this is:

Height – 150mm, Width – 250mm, Depth – 290mm


The second, is a square drinker, which is again made from heavy-gauge steel, galvanized after manufacture with a 9-litre capacity. It’s finished without any sharp edges or corners. Fitted with a mains pressure valve, a drain hole and rubber bung, it’s ideal for yards with a mains supply. The size of this water drinker is:

Height – 200mm, Width – 305mm, Depth – 370mm

Hay Racks

Hancox Equestrian offer two types of hay racks. For some, the Low Level Rack will be the ideal choice.

However, many owners choose our High/Low Hay Rack with the gated door. This lets you feed hay or haylage from outside the stable directly into the rack. This is ideal for barns with aisles between the stables.

Rug Rails

The durable Hancox galvanized rug rails, with built-in bridle hooks, keep your rugs clean and tidy and also fit perfectly with your stables. The integrated bridle hook provides an ideal place to hang head collars or lead ropes. It’s an essential accessory for every yard.

Rubber Matting

With the cost of stable bedding rising, stable mats are a money-saving solution. The high quality rubber stable matting we supply, reduces bedding costs and provides secure footing for aisles and wash-down areas.