Lunging & Paddock Pens

A Hancox Equestrian lunge pen or paddock pen is a versatile and extremely useful piece of yard equipment. Each panel is made using the high quality materials that have become synonymous with all our products.

Paddock Pens
Ideal for restricting grazing or exercise, our standard paddock pens are hot-dipped galvanised, constructed from 4mm thick, 3” square mesh with a box section frame. They are 7’ high and include eleven 8’ wide panels and a gate panel, which gives a 31ft diameter overall.

The panels are joined together by a simple coupling system using galvanised pins, fastened top and bottom. Easily assembled by two people by simply adding panel after panel, they take up very little floor space are similarly easy to dismantle.

Lunge Pens
Hancox Equestrians’ lunging pens are ideal when breaking or working horses. Constructed in exactly the same way as the paddock pens, they are made from 19 upright panels and one gate panel. The total diameter is 51ft.

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